8 Oct 2023

One paper is accepted by EMNLP 2023, Molca about Molecular LLM, welcome try the online demo here. Congrats to my co-authors!

  5 Oct 2023

The 2023 Singapore Symposium on Natural Language Processing (SSNLP) will be held on Monday, December 4, at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium, NUS. Please register!

  1 Oct 2023

I am excited to announce joining Kunlun 2050 Research Lab as an associate research member.

  30 Sep 2023

Two papers are accepted by NeurIPS 2023, 1) VPGTrans, 2) Abstract-to-Intricate Text-to-Image Synthesis, Congrats to my co-authors!

  24 Sep 2023

Invited to give a talk at MLNLP 2023, on the topic of Scene Graph-driven Structured Vision-Language Learning.

  12 Sep 2023

We are excited to announce the release of NExT-GPT (Demo, Code, Paper), the first end-to-end MM-LLM that perceives input and generates output in arbitrary combinations (any-to-any) of text, image, video, and audio and beyond.

  25 Aug 2023

Invited to give a talk at WING lab @ NUS, on the topic of LLM-Empowered Text-to-Vision Diffusion Models

  23 Aug 2023

Invited to give a talk at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, on the topic of Scene Graph-driven Structured Vision-Language Learning

  10 Aug 2023

Four papers are accepted by ACM MM 2023, about Text-to-Image Generation, Multimodal Emotion Recognition, Video Semantic Role Labeling, and Video Moment Retrieval, Congrats to my co-authors!

  4 Aug 2023

Our Universal Structured NLP (XNLP) demonstration system has been launched online, access it here, paper.

  2 Aug 2023

I will serve as Senior PC of Speech & Natural Language Processing track at AAAI 2024.

  25 July 2023

We are holding the special session at Electronics on Advances in Large Language Model Empowered Machine Learning: Design and Application, Call for papers.

  22 July 2023

Our paper DialogRE^C+: An Extension of DialogRE to Investigate How Much Coreference Helps Relation Extraction in Dialogs has been accepted by NLPCC 2023. Congrats to my collaborators!

  19 June 2023

I am honored to be awarded as the World AI Conference (WAIC’23) Rising Star (2023世界人工智能大会云帆奖明日之星).

  15 June 2023

I will serve as Session Chair of Summarization Track (11:00-12:30, 11, July) at ACL 2023. Meet you there.

  18 May 2023

I will serve as Senior Area Chair of EMNLP 2023.

  8 May 2023

We are releasing a novel work about LLM, VPGTrans: Transfer Visual Prompt Generator across LLMs, where we release the VL-Vicuna, a multimodal version Vicuna. Twitter post, 机器之心, 新智元. Try it out at our demo page.

  3 May 2023

Seven papers are accepted by ACL 2023, Congrats to my co-authors! Theme-A: Sentiment Analysis (Dialogue-level ABSA, and Chain-of-Though Reasoning for Implicit Sentiment), Theme-B: Information Extraction (Multimodal Relation Extraction, Cross-lingual Relation Extraction), Theme-C: Structured Multimodal learning (3D Visual Spatial Description, Cross-lingual Captioning, Inference-time Image-free Unsupervised Multimodal Machine Translation). See you in Toronto, July.

  29 April 2023

We are holding the Deep Multimodal Learning for Information Retrieval (MMIR 2023) workshop at ACM Multimedia 2023, Call for papers.

  30 March 2023

I will serve as Workshop Co-chair of EMNLP 2023.

  5 March 2023

NSSDM 2023 was hold successfully, thanks our keynote speakers; also special thanks to our co-organizers Wenjie, Yisong for the hard work! See the archive videos of the symposium at homepage.

  3 March 2023

Our student volunteers did jobs in serving the WSDM 2023 and made it big success, thank you all!

  20 April 2023

Prof. Min-yen Kan, Tat-Seng Chua and I will host the 2023 NUS Symposium on Search and Data Mining (NSSDM 2023) on Thursday, 2 Mar in NUS at Innovation 4.0. We will invite prestigious scholars to give insightful and inspiring keynotes. Welcome participant, register at NSSDM homepage.

  15 February 2023

Our newly proposed benchmark, DiaASQ: Conversational Aspect-based Sentiment Quadruple Analysis, is released on NLPCC 2023 shared task. Call for participation at DiaASQ Homepage.

  8 December 2022

I am fortunate to have my Ph.D thesis On the Syntax-oriented Modeling and Optimization of Natural Language receive the award of Excellent Doctoral Thesis of Chinese Information Processing Society of China (CIPSC).

  6 October 2022

Two papers are accepted by EMNLP 2022, on Entity-centered Cross-document Relation Extraction, and Conversation Disentanglement with Bi-Level Contrastive Learning, Congrats to my co-authors!

  17 August 2022

Two papers are accepted by COLING 2022, on OneEE: A One-Stage Framework for Fast Overlapping and Nested Event Extraction, and Joint Alignment of Multi-Task Feature and Label Spaces for Emotion Cause Pair Extraction, Congrats to Hu Cao and Shunjie!

  15 June 2022

I will serve as Senior Program Committee of WSDM 2023.

  2 June 2022

I will serve as Area Chair of EMNLP 2022.

  30 May 2022

I will serve as Student Volunteer Chair of WSDM 2023. Contact me if you are interested in offering service.